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Pictures of Iran: Yazd

Please do not link to the pictures directly as I might rename/remove them. Last updated: Sep 30, 2018.

Sardyazd Citadel

Zeinodin Caravanserai, Mehriz

Zeinodin Caravanserai, Mehriz

Bagherabad citadel, Bafgh

Desert sand dunes, Bafgh

Amir Chakhmagh square, Yazd

Haft Seen and Traditional Dress of Yazd

Yazd Water Museum

Amir Chaqmaq Complex

Faravahar (Zoroastrian Temple)

Wind Towers

12-Imam Shrine (Sassanid Building)

Alexander's Prison (Ziaeieh School)

Dolat Abad Garden

Chapar Khaaneh (Courier's House)

Maybod Clay Refrigrator

Narin Ghaleh (Citadel of Meybod)

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

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