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Pictures of Iran: Persepolis, Pasargade and Tang-e-Chogan

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Tang-e-Chogan Inscriptions

Victory of Shapur over the Roman army

Victory of Bahram II over Arabs

The crowning of Bahram I

Victory of Bahram II over outlaws

Victory of Shapur I over Romans

Temple of Anahita, Bishapur


Cave of Shapur


Eagle column-head (refused by the king)

Unfishied construction

Entrance decoration

The Throne Hall

Persian Soldiers

King Darius and Xerxes

Angra Mainyu kills the primeval bull

Ancient Persian inscription


Foreign guests with gifts

Tomb of Darius the great

Philip the Arab kneeled before Shapur I

The cube of Zoroaster

Ahura Mazda hands the ring of kingship to Ardeshir I

Tomb of Cyrus the great

Cyrus the great (Zulqarnain)

Tomb of Kabūjia (song of Cyrus)

The audience hall from Persepolis

Xerxes' Inscription

Queen Atossa (Wife of Darius I)

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