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Pictures of Iran: Khuzestan

Please do not link to the pictures directly as I might rename/remove them. Last updated: Sep 30, 2018.

Traditional dress of Shushtar

Sassanid Mills of Shushtar

Salasel Castle

Dariun underground river

Tomb of Tepti-Ahar (Ilamid Emperor)

Remains of a toddler in a clay coffin

Model of Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

One of the 4 main gates of the Ziggurat

The only entrance to the first floor

Inside the Ziggurat

Footprint of an Ilamid child

The oldest water filteration system

A French castle made of bricks from the Ziggurat

Remains of the Apadana castle in Susa

Glazed bricks

Achaemenid creature on glazed bricks

Glazed Bricks (National Meuseum)

Glazed bricks

Ilamid Inscription

Ilamid floor decoration from the Ziggurat


Zangoonis' Indian mosque, Abadan

Khoramshahr harbour

Ahwaz bridge


Shadegan International Lagoon

Traditional oven

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