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Pictures of Iran: Khorasan (South to North)

Please do not link to the pictures directly as I might rename/remove them. Last updated: Sep 30, 2018.

Kal Jeni (Valley of Daemons)

Golshan Garden, Tabas

Shah Abbas Dam

Morteza Ali Hot Spring

Nayband Village

Dig-e-Rostam Hot Spring

Birjand Citadel

A village in South Khorasan

Makhunik Dwarf Village

Forg Citadel

Wind Mills of Nashtifan

Khargerd School

Haft Ghar

Shadiakh (Old City of Neyshabur)

Wooden Mosque, Neyshabur

Khorshid (Sun) Castle, Kalat-e Nader

Bandian fire temple, Darqaz

Mofakham Mirror House, Bojnourd

Belqis Citadel

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