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A sample of my work is available upon request. Meanwhile, you can check my online portfolio. It's work in progress and currently only includes front-end work.

Web, Mobile and User-Interface Development

I have been developing web and mobile applications & interfaces for over 10 years My profile on LinkedIn. Making great mobile & web interfaces and applications for my clients has left me no time to work on my own web site. You can still find some information on what I do and a sample of my work and my contact information right here but you will find more up-to-date information in My LinkedIn Profile or My Company Site.

Mobile Development

Since the start of my career I've been designing web interfaces that can be ported to different screen sizes very quickly. For the past few years I've been focusing more on mobile development. This includes both mobile web and native apps. Ever since I shifted my focus on mobile, I've been to busy to update this page.

I mainly deal with HTML5/CSS3 web-based mobile apps, PhoneGap and native Android apps. I also have some experience building iOS native apps.

Web Application Development

Font-end / Interface Development: Design for Usability

I have a background in human-computer interaction and my Master's research was specifically on web usability. Not only I hand-code web interfaces to validate with W3C standards, but I also take great care to make sure my work is verified with web usability & accessibility guidelines (e.g., WCAG).

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