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What is Farsido?

Farsido is a Farsi Unicode editor which can convert Vazhe Negar (and Iran System) to Unicode and vise versa. Farsido is based on Simredo which is a multi-lingual Unicode Editor. (For detailed information about Simredo visit Simredo Website) . In this site only new additions to Farsido that do not exist in Simredo are discussed. Farsido has an improved interface and keyboard for Persian users. In the future I will be adding a user interface in Farsi. Unicode is written in Java so it runs in Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix but if you do not have the Java runtime environment you should download it (for free) from here. Farsido was written by me to add Vazhe Negar conversion to Simredo and the source code is now available to the public under GPL and any changes made to the code must be made available to the public under a GPL license. Farsido was tested for over 2 years and I am not planing to do any furthur releases as I will not be using it.

Key Features


Farsido is written in Java, thus you can run it on basically any system running Windows, Macintosh, Unix or Linux. However you must have the Java Runtime Environment which is available for free from http://java.sun.com . (Note: You should probably have the JRE installed on your system. If you could not run Farsido using run.bat then you should download and install the JRE.)



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Beta versions of Simredo are Free until they expire.